Ceramiche Caesar | Roxstones

Golden Stone

All the beauty of quartzite and the versatility of porcelain tiles find space on your furnishing projects thanks to the Roxstones quartzite-effect porcelain tile collection by Ceramiche Caesar.

A suggestive reinterpretation of natural quartzite in stone-effect porcelain tiles, available in two finishes, grip and soft. The compositional versatility and breadth of range allow of the creation of spaces where the boundary between indoors and outdoors disappears, encouraging a pleasant visual effect that is continual, in terms of colour and material.

The quartzite-effect porcelain tile collection offers designers a range of choices to fully meet the needs of modern residential and commercial project, giving your interiors tremendous aesthetic impact and naturalness.

Roxstones, quartzite-effect in Caesar porcelain tiles, comes to life thanks to the merging of the most modern ceramic technology and the suggestive beauty of quartzite.

The collection is available in 5 hues White Quartz, Golden Stone, Silver Gray, Dark Quartz and Natural Rock, colours that make your spaces unique. The stone-effect porcelain tiles in quartzite are available in the high thickness Aextra20 version for outdoors in the Golden Stone, White Quartz and Silver Gray hues, to customize gardens, swimming pools and veranda, but also SPA and outdoor areas of hotels and restaurants.

The stone-effect porcelain tiles in quartzite by Caesar are characterised by elegant shades, precious details and soft veining, that reproduce the chromatic diversity of natural quartzite, and is completely environmentally friendly.
30 x 30 cm
30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm
40 x 60 (cm)
20 x 60 (cm)
45 x 45 (cm)
15 x 15 (cm)