Ceramiche Caesar | Trace


Trace is Caesar collection of metal effect porcelain tiles inspired by a material of fundamental importance in the history of contemporary architecture. If you desire to create a unique and precious look in spaces, this collection of metal effect porcelain tiles is the perfect choice to dress floors and walls with pure urban elegance.

Oxidation, effects of wear and tear, intense chromatic shades on different metal types characterise Trace porcelain tiles, in the brighter hues of Vitro and Allumina, the darker shades of Bronze, Corten and Iron, and in the Mint tint, inspired by oxidised copper. The chromatic effect of oxidation and the irregular and pleasant touch of the material stand out in the matt finish, while the exclusive Iridescent finish is characterised by glossy and changeable reflections. These elements create a craftsmanship allure in the space and, at the same time, an extremely cosmopolitan and modern vision.

Trace collection of metal effect porcelain tiles is perfect to floor commercial venues that require a urban and contemporary look, perfectly adapting to the architectural needs of boutiques, shopping centres, offices and atelier. Thanks to the excellent technical and aesthetic performance of Caesar porcelain tiles, Trace is suitable for floor and wall application: the made in Italy is the distinguishing trait of Caesar ceramics, at the forefront of technology to guarantee the best environmental quality as well as reliable, durable and top quality products.
30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm
25 x 75 (cm)
75 x 75 (cm)